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Star Testing Your Telescope
Similar to material presented in Chapter 15

Telescope Collimation
Similar to material presented in Chapter 15

Polar Alignment
Similar to material presented in Chapter 15

Our List of the 110 Best Deep-Sky Objects
including double stars, clusters, nebulas and galaxies, with a bonus list of the 20 best Southern Sky Objects.
Supplements material presented in Chapter 12

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Finding the Best Binocular Objects

Here’s a PDF of a great list of the best objects for binoculars, with printable finder charts from the Calgary Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The club offers a certificate for members who complete the program, but everyone can make use of the charts to begin exploring the binocular sky. 
© 2006 by the Calgary Centre of the RASC. For personal use only. May not be distributed, reposted or reprinted without permission of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Calgary Centre. See their Downloads page for many other useful files.

Getting Started in 10 Easy Steps

Click to download a PDF of the article “10 Steps to Successful Stargazing,” originally published in 2004 in SkyNews magazine and re-posted here with permission.


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